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My courses guide you through how to manage your stress and break free from the everyday intrusive symptoms. Perfect for Individually Purchased Programmes and for Businesses



‘Convenient online courses offering you the solution to managing your unhelpful symptoms of stress, break free from the everyday – sleep intrusion, headaches and impatience.

All written and presented by Harley Street Psychologist – Dr Debbie Smith’

Perfect for Business

Provide your team with a simple and seamless way for them to reach their optimum and be fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

Your employees will be able to choose from many courses, all available online, in bite size chunks. Access is anytime and anywhere, from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Courses delivered via a portal means that any employee’s information will be 100% safe and secure. And the contents will be delivered in a timely, therapeutically designed fashion.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online therapy courses, designed to deliver a service to you in a way that works for how your business and your employees deal with every aspect of life – at their online convenience.

What to do
Getting started with providing your employees with online courses to assist them with their psychological well-being could not be easier. Call or email us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to talk through the options.

“If you want to get rid of your stress quickly and conveniently, no gimmicks, then you’re in the right place”

What is Life Optimisation? click the play button to hear a snippet of the course

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See the latest advice on coping with stress. Read case studies on methods of relaxation, knowing your limits, identifying your trigger points. Get to know the effects of stress from the short term – loss of appetite to the long term effects – stomach ulcers & misuse of alcohol. If you think you have symptoms of stress this could be the start of your feeling better.


Optimise Life

I’ll show you how to recognise your symptoms, how to recognise your patterns, your triggers and the early warning signs that you are experiencing heightened stress.
You will then be armed with a range of strategies, before unpacking and resolving the bigger issues. This will leave you able to resolve your stress for the long term.


Symptoms of Stress

Your stress can manifest in the four different areas of our functioning. The psychological, the emotional, the physical and the behavioral aspects of ourselves can all suffer and you go on to exhibit an impeded level of functioning.



Get back in control

One of the most important starting points is to identify what are the primary contributing factors to your stress and then what you might be doing to further contribute to it. By beginning to break the cycle of your stress and develop strategies, you will soon turn things around and gets you back in control.



Reaction to stress

In different ways, depending on your personality and how you respond to pressure, the symptoms may vary, however they are likely to be some of the symptoms you may experience:

Anger | Irritability | Driving erratically | Loss of appetite | Lessening of patience | Increased use of alcohol | Tension in your body | Sleep disturbance |Worry| 

One of the most important starting points is to identify what are the primary contributing factors to the stress and then what you might be doing to further contribute to it



We have the solution

With our 8 week course you can access from home/work/anywhere you can gain online access

A course that is tailor-made to drill down to the cause, the symptoms, the strategies and the long-term maintenance and management of your stress.

Plus 2 hours with Dr Debbie Smith – a leading psychologist who has been working with people experiencing stress for over 15 years.

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About Dr Debbie Smith

Hi, my name is Dr Debbie Smith and I am a chartered counselling psychologist. I have worked in both the NHS and the voluntary sector and established myself in private practice over 15 years ago.
What is Life Optimisation? click the play button to hear a snippet of the course

You’re in safe hands

Dr Debbie is a chartered counselling psychologist. Debbie has over 15 years experience of working with people who are experiencing stress.

This can be caused by work, home life, ill-health, a certain life-event, or general unresolved feelings about the past, present or future.

Debbie has found that it is often only when the symptoms of stress have become so intrusive to day to day life, that people realise they are actually experiencing stress.

Debbie has worked with people who are from all walks of life. Working on Harley Street brings clients from the world of business, T.V. And Government. Both home grown and international clients trust that Debbie will keep their privacy and get them results.

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